Corporate plan 2009–10

Our directions

The Australian Public Service Commission works to support a high-performing Australian Public Service (APS).

A high-performing APS must be able to meet the changing needs of Government and society in order to be relevant and fit for purpose. Responding to an external environment characterised by rapid change has become the day-to-day business of the APS, a key challenge for the public service is to be ready for the future. Through research and scenario planning the APS needs to be prepared for and well positioned to influence change.

Against this background, our strategic priorities for 2009–10 are:

Supporting the APS to be ready for the future

The Commission will support the APS to be future-ready using research and evaluation to assist in the transformation of the APS. The Commission will identify key priorities for public sector reform and innovation to help agencies adapt and deliver on the priorities set for them by Government.

Embedding the Government’s ethics and integrity agenda

The Commission will support the Government’s objectives of accountability, transparency, ethics and integrity for the APS through implementation of the Ethics Advisory Service; active promotion of the APS Values and Code of Conduct; policy advice on and promotion of systems and approaches to deliver the Government’s objectives; and placing a greater emphasis on ethical decicion-making.

Strengthening our engagement with clients and ensuring delivery around their needs

The Commission will build alliances with key clients and connect to stakeholders to deliver seamless, joined-up services. The Commission will take a proactive approach to networking and understanding client needs so our services can be highly effective.

Driving agency performance and capability

The Commission will use learning and development services, consultancy services and review work to improve agency performance, as well as providing advice through the State of the Service reports.

Leading by example

The Commission will develop leading edge programmes and products and model best practice. We will implement our own best practice recommendations and use our experience to reinforce the credibility and practicality of our messages to agencies.

Lynelle Briggs
June 2009

Our outcome

Increased awareness and adoption of best practice public administration by the public service through leadership, promotion, advice and professional development, drawing on research and evaluation.

Our mission

To support a high performing Australian Public Service.

Our strategic priorities

  • supporting the APS to be ready for the future
  • embedding the Government’s ethics and integrity agenda
  • strengthening our engagement with clients and ensuring delivery around their needs
  • driving agency performance and capability
  • leading by example.

These strategic priorities will be reflected in specific objectives and deliverables under the Commission’s two sub-program structure and group business planning. All involve a whole-of-Commission approach.

Development programmes and employment services

Build the capability of the APS by delivering leadership, learning and development products and programmes that meet the current and emerging needs of agencies. Support Australia’s interest in the Asia–Pacific region through working cooperatively with AusAID and other agencies. Deliver national and centrally coordinated consultancy and employment services.

Priorities for 2009–10 are:

  • design and deliver leading edge programmes and events to support leadership development for the SES and its feeder group and reinforce the concept of an SES leadership cadre
  • develop new thinking and innovative approaches to learning, professional development and qualification pathways through enhanced use of research, evaluation, links with academia and best practice
  • become a centre of excellence in ideas and practice for public sector leadership development, by extending our capacity and depth of expertise through strategic alliances and developing a pool of associates
  • support the work of the Ethics Advisory Service by building on current programmes and develop products that support the Government’s ethics agenda
  • research and develop approaches to best practice human resource management
  • implement whole-of-government recruitment programmes for Indigenous Australians and support development of Indigenous employees through the design and delivery of tailored and structured programmes
  • design and deliver employment and strategic human resource related services nationally, to assist agencies in managing their workforce needs in a collaborative and contemporary way.

APS policy, review and evaluation

Use research and evaluation to inform understanding of the state of the APS, the challenges it faces and the reforms required for a stronger performing public service. Support agencies to adapt to a changing environment through advice to Government and agency heads on workforce policy, ethics and better practice under the Public Service Act 1999 and by assisting APS employees to deal with ethical issues. Draw on reviews and inquiries conducted on behalf of the Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner to strengthen public sector people management practices.

Priorities for 2009–10 are:

  • undertake research and evaluation to support debate on contemporary government challenges, public sector reform, and improvements to public service leadership
  • develop a whole-of-government APS workforce strategy which will support the APS into the future as well as during an economic downturn
  • establish a whole-of-government APS career pathway and a whole- of-government strategic ICT workforce plan by March 2010, and provide support for the ICT workforce through leadership events, awards and monitoring use of contractors
  • support the Government’s wider accountability and integrity agenda for the public sector, including effective implementation of the Ethics Advisory Service and enhancing the focus on the review and inquiry functions of the Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner
  • progress a review of the Public Service Act 1999 and subordinate legislation ready for implementation by mid-2010
  • prepare the State of the Service Report and the Statistical Bulletin for delivery in November 2009, and ensure our APS data collections are relevant.

Enabling strategies

Priorities for 2009–10 are:

  • develop and implement workforce planning strategies that position the Commission to be agile and responsive
  • build our leadership capability, including by broadening individual roles and active talent management
  • build an integrated client and communications unit to develop strong client engagement strategies, systems and feedback loops
  • work actively with agencies, including building communities of interest, to influence and provide services that meet their business and operational needs.

Implementation and accountability

Group business plans and budgets provide the mechanism for implementing commitments in our corporate plan, translating strategy into action. Group business plans also provide the basis for regular monitoring of performance by the Executive and the Commission Management Committee.

The Commission will report to Parliament on its performance through the 2009–10 annual report.