May 2004
    Ireland: Minister Moves Forward on Review of Public Administration
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Terzic: Public Administration Reform Is a Requirement on the Road to European Integration
    USA: America Online, College Savings Plan Announce Partnership
    World Experts Unite in Urgent Effort to Fight Deadly Disease
    Sierra Leone: Spotlight Falls on Corruption in Sierra Leone
South Africa: ICC Promises Corruption-Free World Cup
Kenya: Heads May Roll in Government Attack on Corruption
Mozambique: Parliament Reexamines Law Against Corruption
South Africa: Anti-corruption Act Is Inspiring
    South Korea: Major Parties Sign Pact to Boost Economy
India: NDA's 5-Year Rule Full of Corruption: Sonia
Bangladesh: Form Independent Anti-corruption Commission: B Chy
Pakistan: Kutchery Culture Paints Judicial Corruption
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USA: Corruption Fallout
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Zimbabwe: Arbitrator Awards Civil Servants Pay Increase
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Minister Moves Forward on Review of Public Administration

NIO Minister, Ian Pearson today stated that responses to the recent consultation on the Public Administration (RPA) review, demonstrated a strong desire from the people of Northern Ireland to see the number of public bodies here cut significantly. His comments followed a series of meetings held with the main political parties, to update them on the themes emerging out of the Review. Outlining the next steps in the Review of Public Administration process, Mr. Pearson said: "I am committed to delivering a more effective and efficient system of public administration to the people of Northern Ireland."

The Minister said, whilst a considerable degree of work still needs to be done to flesh out the proposals, he saw the final model including: o A significant reduction on the numbers of public bodies, including Health Service bodies; o Local councils being reduced from 26 to single figures, but having more powers, and boundaries that are fully aligned with other service pro