Checking in a File

You must have the correct permission to check a file into the Library. This permission is associated with your user name and password, which the system administrator assigns. During the check-in process, attach Content Info to your file, and then store the file in the Library.

Important: It is extremely important to know your company’s naming and organizational standards before you enter the metadata (Content Info). The metadata determines how that file is searched and where it is placed in the Web structure.

A Note about Multi-Byte Characters

You should not use multi-byte characters in the names of content IDs, security groups, content types, and accounts—even if Stellent Content Server or Stellent Collaboration Server is to be used in a multi-byte environment (for example, Japanese or Korean). This content metadata information is included in the URLs of content, and limitations in current web technology prevent web servers and browsers from handling URLs with multi-byte characters correctly. If you want to use multi-byte characters in content IDs, security groups, content types, and/or accounts, you need to ask your Stellent system administrator if the entire Stellent environment—i.e. the server(s) and all clients—runs on operating systems that support multi-byte languages (for example, Japanese or Korean versions of Microsoft Windows). Otherwise errors may occur—for example, links to PDF renditions of content items do not work, Dynamic Converter fails to find content items, etc.